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Everyone is Neapolitan at Christmas. Be a real one.

Cheerful, traditional, exaggerated – and a foodie. That’s how Neapolitans are almost every day, and especially at Christmas.

For tips on how to adopt their lifestyle, Pasta Garofalo and I will take you through the essential steps to have a real Neapolitan Christmas and New Year. Get ready to take the coming festivities seriously.

#PastaGarofalo #XMasInNaples

8th December

The Nativity Scene “Here, put him close to the hut. He did some miracles, too, you know.”

15th December

The Menu “Will 18 starters be enough? Better not be caught unprepared.”

20th December

Grocery Shopping “Hopefully I didn’t forget anything”

24th December

Spaghetti A Vongole “Bath time for the clams: a 12-hour immersion is the secret of my spaghetti.”

25th December

Christmas Lunch “I’m sure you’ve left some room for my struffoli!”

31st December

New Year’s Eve “Well, black is slimming. But red brings good luck”.